Our customers know best and are consistently pleased with the quality products and friendly service.

"Great Service!"
Ms B. Van Uden

"Very friendly, prompt, delivery when you say."
D. Hawkins & G. Olshaski

"Very friendly, helpful"
Ms. C. Greenwood

"You are always friendly and helpful.   We have loved almost everything we have tried . . .  It is
easy to shop with you.  You are friendly and a pleasure to deal with."
Ms. T. Wallace

"It was good timing and we're always open to trying new ways of shopping for convenience"
C. & J. Amies

"I think you give a fantastic service - I would love to include you in our promos in the future."
Ms. J. Johnson - Jessica Nicole Studio

"Excellent.  Always pleasant to deal with. Always good quality."
Mr. J. Everden - Everden Rust Funeral Services & Crematorium

"Always polite and enthusiastic about products.  We have not been disappointed with your
products.  We use your service because we dont' mind paying for quality."
F. & P. Hardwick

"Great, not pushy.  Respectful of  my time and my customers."
Ms. C. Halvorson

"You are very helpful and flexible.  We have liked everything we have tried.  Service has been
good and fits my time."
D. & G. McCracken

"Excellent - well informed about ingredients.  Very good and easy to use/cook.  Great service and
Happy customer

"Excellent.  Great products.  Great service."
Mr. J. Laidlaw

"Just Great.  Most of the items we tried we have been happy with . . . Pleased with the service
you provide."
Ms. H. Albinati

"Excellent.  Dean has always been courteous and helpful.  Always top quality.  Dean gives good
suggestions to help pick new products.  Dean's service is superior.  Your product and customer
service are of the highest quality.  Hope you remain my rep for Langley are in the future."
Ms. G Vander Schaaf

"Friendly, knowledgeable and considerate.  Good quality!  I love that knowledge is provided
without pressure to buy. Great service. Great products.  Friendly accommodating no pressure
Ms. S Panov

"I thought you were knowledgeable and friendly.  I bought the fish - excellent.  My son says the
chicken bits are great."
Ms. D. Pappas

"You are very personable, genuine & trustworthy.  Great, very good service.  All and all it's great.
Reasonable pricing for quality food.  The packaging works well for my busy family and the
service is really like none other."
Ms. S-L Miedema

"You are very friendly and patient.  It was high quality and fresh.  Very good.  I am very pleased
with your service and product.  Thank you!"
Ms. P. Van Heerden

"You are reliable, pleasant and knowledgeable about the products offered.  The steaks are our
favorite.  I wasn't home when my husband first met you and ordered but was suitably impressed
as he had been.  It's a treat to have a quantity of good quality meats/fish available in the freezer
when living outside of a big centre."
Ms. D. Paterson

"Friendly, not pushy.  So far, all has been good.  I appreciate the email rather than phone call.
Gives me a chance to reply."
Happy Customer

"Easy going and does not pressure to purchase.  The ones we have tried so far are good.
Excellent and not pushy.  Service is great and not pressured to purchase.  Referrals will be made
for you."
Ms. S. Lowe

"Great.  Always enjoyed.  Great and personal service."
Ms. N. Gogle

"You are very polite, well-mannered, and have a friendly personality.  Great quality, makes for
easy to cook and meals.  Excellent.  Really don't have to worry about the guarantee.  Never had a
problem with the food or service.  All is excellent."
Mr. V Strang

"Extremely personable and very honest.  I like that it's not just about making the sale, it's about
finding the products that are best for me.  Total confidence.  I tried a particular item and did not
like it.  The quality was great, I just didn't like it.  I was impressed that you still took it back.  I
now have 100% confidence in your products and your service."
Mr. L. Maygard

"Service was great "Personal service"  
Ms. H. Rogers

"I have been purchasing a variety of items from Dean Bakewell.  I have found is products easy to prepare and quick.  Some of my favorites are the different seafood items, wings, meatballs and rib eye steaks.  Dean has been great.  He always let me know when he is going to be around with lots of notice. I find you get what you pay for and Dean has not let me down.  I would strongly recommend Dean and his company Dean's Gourmet.  Sincerely,"
M. Rosman ~ Mike Rosman RV Sales

"Our family has been purchasing from Dean Bakewell of Dean's Gourmet for almost 5 years now. We are always happy with the products we order and find Dean friendly, honest and professional. He takes the time to explain what his items are fully and we always are pleased with what we order. Our favorites are the tiger prawns and sirloin steak. We are always happy to recommend him to others. Warmly,"
T. & J. Robinson ~ Richter Pass Motor Inn

"Our staff has enjoyed the personalized delivery service Dean at Dean's Gourmet for the past two years.  My family loves the AAA steaks."  
Ms. C. Richert ~ Affordable Storage Centre

"We are very happy with the quality & service we always get from Dean at Dean's Gourmet, always consistently providing excellent service and great food! We love the delivery aspect, being in a busy family, and love that we also have many convenient, healthy options with Dean's Gourmet for our family, Thank you!"
T. Granley

"We have tried a variety of products and I have to say that not one has disappointed.  Dean's service has consistently been awesome and always professional.  The fact that he comes to the door is great for us.  I would and have recommended him to many people that are equally as pleased as we are.  Great products!  Great service!"
T. & K. Noble ~ Carlin Crossing Nursery

"During the past several years I and my family have appreciated the broad range of top quality Gourmet Foods products available through Dean Bakewell. I believe the quality, value and product range are unrivaled from any supplier who makes this most convenient service available. Dean continues to present a trusting and professional manner on each visit to my home. He makes the purchasing process most convenient by providing dates of his next visit to the area and information on new products along with current promotions. I am most comfortable recommending Dean Bakewell and his products as enhancements to great dining in your home. Sincerely,"
Mr. G. Lawson

"I have been buying product from Dean's Gourmet for a couple years now and am very impressed with all the products I have purchased. Everything is of the highest quality! The convenience of having Dean bring all his product to me is an even bigger plus...no one wants to go to the grocery store afterworking all day. My main purchases have been the Flat Iron Steaks and the Chicken Breasts. I have a very hard time eating steak now if it isn’t one of Dean’s products. The flavor is just so much better! As for the chicken...I refuse to buy the boxes of chicken from the local grocery now. I have always gotten a premium product for my money. The best thing is they are all individually vacuum sealed. No freezer  burn anymore...not that they last long enough in my freezer anymore!  Sincerely,"
Ms. C. Garrod

"We have found each and every product we have tried to be extremely delicious, easy to prepare and it also makes a lovely presentation on the plate for our guests. We encourage you to try these products as we don't feel you will be disappointed."
J. & A. Ward ~ Accurate Brake & Muffler

"We have been customers of Dean's Gourmet for over five years and have been extremely happy with the quality of the product and excellent service."
Mr. J. Allard & Ms. A. Deletsay

"Heard good things about your product."  
Ms. W. Woods

"Always top quality. Delivery is convenient a is the prior phone call."
Ms. P. Swerdfeger

". . . the products we have tried have been great."
Mr. P. Howe

"Good service & product."  
Ms. V Calvert

"Good experience. Great service."  
Mr. T. Michels

"Dean's Gourmet is a great service with a really nice variety of products!"
Ms. T. Kosolofski

"Great quality, makes it easy to cook meals. Never had a problem with the food or service. All is excellent."  
Mr. V. Strang

"The quality of everything I have tried has surpassed my expectations, and I am a very critical person when it comes to food!"  
Mr. L. Maygard

"It's all convenient - that convenience does not compromise a great product.  100%!"  
Ms. S. Morrical

"I have never tried home delivery service before.  I am really happy I took a chance this time."  
Ms. P. Fast

"It was convenient especially when I was working, it was nice because you made it personable."
Ms. A. O'Sullivan

"Time savings is huge priority for me and on that, you deliver."  
Happy Customer

"You presented your product very well and guided me to be interested.  After trying your product it was much more convenient to order through you."  
Ms. A. Ingram

"I appreciate you working around my schedule - you are always willing to find a time that is convenient for me.  The whole process is very quick and easy which means a lot to a 'time-challenged' person!"  
Ms. D. Wilding

"The service is great!  I'm very much a lover of all Dean's Gourmet food that I have tried thus far."  
Ms. K. Romer

"Willing to try the products because of the guarantee!"  
Ms. T. Thiessen

"You had the items I wanted.  The quality is excellent.   It is a pleasure to use your service."   
Happy Customer

"I enjoy Dean's personalized service.  He knows & understands my dietary needs as an endurance athlete, and brings the best tasting fish I have eaten." 
Ms. S. Taylor

"Your knowledge of your products is excellent and I have always enjoyed everything I have bought from you."
Ms. L. Gamble

"Great for parties, no fuss, no muss. Truly yummy like halibut burgers, strudels, crab & scallops."
Ms. C. Marno

"Everything is excellent!"
Ms. K. Russell

"Quality has been very good - sirloin steaks are tender & tasty. My family loves the orange roughy & we like the variety to our diet. I trust Dean."
Ms. M. Day

"Courteous & reliable. Love the veggie burgers - no others compare. I appreciate the service."
Ms. K. Knowles

"Personal & reliable. Very tasty, especially the prime rib burgers. All products I’vetasted have been as good & high quality as I was told they’d be. Gives me peace of mind knowing anything can be returned if I’m not happy with it."
Ms. P. Butler

"Very pleasant. Knew what he was selling. Did not push you to purchase. The prawns were great & also the vegetarian appetizers."
Ms. H. Woodhead

"Friendly service. Trustworthy, kind, not pushy. Good quality. Conscientious & fun. The convenience is wonderful. No hassle return - but there haven’t been any returns!"
Happy Customer

"You are always very cheerful & obliging in getting the product desired. Seafood is excellent quality. Yours has been the best service."
Happy Customer

"You’ve always been professional and knowledgeable about the products. All the products have been excellent."
Ms. S. Van Horne

"We’ve always appreciated your friendly, professional demeanor. Products are verygood quality. Excellent product, excellent service."
Ms. S. Luton